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Member FAQs

Make A True Change

Q: How do I become a member?

A: To become a member go to our JOIN page and fill out our Commitment Form.

Q: How long do meetings last?

A: The actual meetings will take no more than 1 hour.  There are opportunities to socialize before and after the formal part of each meeting. 

Q: I am a new member; what should I expect at a meeting?

A: Expect to be greeted by one of our volunteers at the check-in table.  There will be a cash bar and time for mingling with other fabulous, like-minded women.  

Generally, our meetings will go as follows:

6:00-7:00pm Check in & social hour

7:05pm meeting begins

     *  Opening Remarks

     *  Each charity presents for 5 minutes, followed by 2 -3 minutes for questions

     *  Voting and tabulation

     *  Update from the previous winner

     *  Announce the winning charity (by simple majority)

     *  Members write their checks to the recipient charity

Q: What if I cannot attend a meeting?

A: If a member cannot attend a meeting, she should place a blank $100 check in an envelope marked 100 Women of Phoenixville and give it to a fellow member who will be going to the meeting. Otherwise, we will notify you after the meeting which charity has been selected and we ask that you mail the check to us.  

Q: Can I just send the donation to the charity myself? 

A: You can always donate more to a charity separately on your own but for the purposes of 100 Women of Phoenixville, we make one big donation as a group. 

Q: Is the membership limited to 100 women?

A: No, that would not be fair to the charities, would it? If we can make a BIG impact with 100 women, why not invite a friend and make an even BIGGER impact?

Q: Can a charity nominate itself?

A: No, charities may only be nominated by a member of 100 Women of Phoenixville. Our members are not just interested in nominating and donating - they want to learn about local causes. They may want to volunteer, sponsor or serve on a board or committee. They may even become a regular donor. 

Q How are the three presenting charities chosen?

A: Members may nominate local charities. All nominated charities are vetted for eligibility and placed into a hat. Three organizations are drawn at random one month before the meeting.  The three organizations are invited to give a short five-minute presentation at the meeting. If a charity declines or is unable to present, another charity is drawn from the hat. The identity of the three presenting charities is not revealed until the meeting is underway. 

Q: How do I nominate a charity?

A: When a member joins, they may nominate a charity. Click here

Q: How much of my donation goes to the administration costs of 100 Women of Phoenixville?

A: Absolutely ZERO! 100 Women of Phoenixville is organized and operated entirely by volunteers and supported by our sponsors

Q: What is a 501(c)3?

A: 501(c)3 is defined as "exemption​ that applies to corporations, and any community chest, fund or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific testing for public safety, literary, education purposed, to foster national or international amateur sports competition, promote the arts or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals."​  However for the purposes of 100 Women of Phoenixville, all groups up for consideration must be local. 

Q: Is my contribution tax-deductible?

A: Yes, your contribution is tax-deductible if made to a 501(c)3 organization.  Checks are written directly to the local organization, NOT to 100 Women of Phoenixville. If you have additional questions please contact your tax adviser or visit the IRS website for further information. 

Q: What do you do with personal information?

A: 100 Women collects your personal information strictly for the purpose of keeping in contact with our members. The membership database is used by the organizers only. 100 Women of Phoenixville will not sell, give, or otherwise share your personal information with any third party without express consent unless required to do so by law.  We may occasionally recognize our members via social media and other media. If a member wants to remain anonymous, they must let us know at the time of joining. We will never rent out, sell or give away your personal information ever. 

Q: How do 100 Women of Phoenixville Communicate with its members?

A: The website will have the most up to date information at all times. We also promote via social media, and send an occasional email.

Q: Can I bring a friend to a meeting?

A: Yes, please bring a friend but understand they will be required to join as a member at the door.

Q: Why do we only meet twice a year?

A: Phoenixville is a very active community, with many non-profit events throughout the year. We encourage our members to get involved in those events but we do not want to overly burden them with meeting 4 times a year.

Q: We have more than 100 women. Why don't we split the award money among all 3 presenting charities?

A: IMPACT! We believe in the impact of collective giving, which is a pillar of our giving model. While each nonprofit may be worthy of receiving a portion of the award, our desire is to have the greatest impact on one organization at a time.

One of our members suggested that nothing was stopping us from giving to all three presenters, as long as we  gave to the majority winning charity. We want to be clear that any additional gift is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. If every woman decided on their own (but certainly isn't obligated) to give an additional $10 to each of the other two charities, those charities would receive $1,000. (100 women x $10 = $1,000). This is still a very generous donation.

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